Our very own Wes Chapman has been nominated for the 2021 Business News 40 under 40 and if he wins it won’t only be for him but it will be a step in the right direction for Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) across Australia.

Since the inception of Kuuwa, Wes has been championing to bridge the gap between indigenous businesses and the mining sector.

Not an easy job for one man. And not an easy job to reach everyone when it is done one coffee meeting at a time.

He has been creating, testing, and working a model that allows PBCs to create commercial arms so they are able to support their people and communities independently outside of royalities. Kuuwa is the working model that has successfully been contributing to the Thalanji community.

Winning a 40 under 40 Award would give Wes a platform to be able to share this message to a wider community.

For Kuuwa and other indigenous businesses, it would be an opportunity to educate mining businesses on the importance of acknowledging, supporting, and working with Indigenous people.

Working with Indigenous businesses is good business.

We would like to encourage you to vote for Wes in the People’s Choice although walking away with one of the 40 awards is more than enough and will be a monumental brick in the bridge that we need to close the gap.