In a monumental step towards decarbonising the mining industry, Kuuwa Rentals and Worley have unveiled their research findings. 

Kuuwa Rentals groundbreaking Charge Forward program, an initiative that marks a pivotal moment in the race to zero emissions, offering a comprehensive solution to electrify mine fleets across Australia in alignment with the industry’s 2030 targets.

Further to the desktop findings, rigorous testing of vehicles and equipment has found a clear winner in the F150. Kuuwa Rentals will be the partner in Western Australia to offer this fully mine-specific OEM Ford Lightning to the mining industry with right hand conversion.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Kuuwa, presenting a transformative solution that accelerates the electrification of the mining sector,” said Paul Lucey, Principal Mine Electrification & Technology at Worley. “By adopting an inclusive approach to decarbonising mining operations, Kuuwa and Worley’s innovative strategy for electric light vehicles addresses many challenges associated with deploying BEVs. Leveraging Worley’s global project delivery capability, alongside our renowned knowledge leadership and expertise in energy transition and carbon reduction, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive solution for miners across Australia.”

The Charge Forward program aims to facilitate the transition to cleaner and more sustainable mine operations.

Key highlights include:

  • Introduction of the first OEM vehicle in Western Australia fully tailored to mine specifications, ensuring safety and efficiency in challenging mine environments.
  • Comprehensive feasibility study findings with Worley, showcasing significant cost savings and carbon reductions based on 150km average daily usage, emphasising the superiority of BEVs over diesel-generated alternatives.
  • Reduced charge times, with the ability to charge a fleet of 10 vehicles in just 5 hours, offering unparalleled efficiency and operational readiness.
  • Inclusive support for miners through a complete governance framework and operational model, easing the transition to electric light vehicles and paving the way for future electrification of larger mining assets.

“This is a major milestone in our journey to decarbonise the mining industry,” commented Wes Chapman, Managing Director of Kuuwa. “The Charge Forward program demonstrates that mine electrification is not only viable but also economically advantageous. We are excited to work hand in hand with Worley and industry stakeholders to make sustainable mine operations a reality.”

About Kuuwa: Established in 2019, Kuuwa is an Indigenous owned business in Western Australia supplying vehicles and equipment to mining, civil and resource projects Australia wide. Kuuwa offers bespoke equipment and premium brands with flexible hire terms. As a commercial arm of an Aboriginal Corporation, Kuuwa supports Aboriginal communities and people through strategic partnerships and directing profits to projects that promise long term success and growth.

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About Worley:  Worley is a global professional services company of energy, chemicals, and resources experts. We partner with customers to deliver projects and create value over the life of their assets. We’re bridging two worlds, moving towards more sustainable energy sources, while helping to provide the energy, chemicals and resources needed now. Worley Limited is headquartered in Australia and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange [ASX:WOR].

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