Charge Forward

We know you are looking for effective ways to decarbonise your operations in line with your 2030 targets and we have come up with a one-stop shop with our partner, Worley that fits the bill.

What does the future hold?

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) will require a while new supporting ecosystem to function. There will be many challenges as mining operations, just like yours, transition and replace fleet. We have worked closely with Worley over the past 12 months to identify these issues and come up with the necessary solutions. 

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

Provision of Zero Emission Battery Electric Toyota Hilux, fit for purpose, built to full mine-spec & ruggedised to work in harsh mining environments.

On-Site Charging

Supply & Installation of Charging Infrastructure to support BEV fleet on site, including integration into site power grid, as required. 

Access to Off-Site Charging Network

Ensure suitable availability and access to off-site charging for when off-site travel is required. 


Baseline Carbon Assessment

Conduct a formal carbon assessment of current fleet to gauge base line emissions, and assess best BEV solution.

On-Going Energy Management & Data Supply

Assistance to manage site energy resources, analysing data from the BEV fleet and providing detailed reports on BEV use, benefits & emissions savings.

Provision of Renewable Power

Introducing provision of power sourced from renewable energy such as solar, wind & hydro, to assist with carbon emissions reductions benefits.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

With ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions by 30% of more, now is the time to take look at solutions that are going to ensure you achieve your goals. 

By partnering with Worley we have created the solution you need.

Light Vehicles currently on mine sites

changed over annually (average 4.5 years life)

BEV's needed to reduce carbon in line with targets by 2030

years left to take action

Why we are different

As a first mover, armed with a comprehensive feasibility report in conjunction with Worley, we have invested time and energy into ensuring we offer a full solution, fit for purpose and ruggedised to suit the harsh mining environments your teams work on. 

We won’t simply place a BEV on site but we will assist you to achieve your targets in a efficient and cost effective manner with a holistic turn-key solution.

With us on your team, you will knock your targets out of the park. 



Kuuwa Rentals launched in 2019 and started small. Literally. We started with a fleet of Light Vehicles that grew into buses and trucks and finally into plant equipment. Continually adapting to the industry’s needs as we grow alongside the changes.

We started investigating electric vehicle options in 2021 as we saw the direction the world was going. In 2022 we partnered with Worley and conducted am extensive research project.

Nearly 12 months later we have a comprehensive feasibility report that shows a clear pathway of solutions for the mining industry to transition into electrifying their fleet.

Year on year we have adapted to the market’s need and grown our fleet. 

Our skilled team of experts works closely with each client to build a bespoke solution that suits the individuality of each project. 

Now it is time to build our electric fleet to suit your projects. We have already started work on being able to provide you with electric solutions across our other fleet categories.


  • Light Vehicles 80% 80%
  • Buses 15% 15%
  • Trucks 50% 50%
  • Plant 35% 35%
electric mine spec LV
electric bus mine site
electric mine plant