Truck Fleet

Water Trucks

Suitable for mining and civil projects.

Drive Type: 6x4

3 passengers

Transmission: 5 speed automatic

Licence: HR Class

Available Fleet

  • 4×4 Water Truck
  • 6×4 Water Truck
  • 8X4 Water Truck
Service Trucks

Suitable for mining and civil projects.

Drive Type: 6x4

3 passengers

Transmission: Automatic

Licence: HR Class

Available Fleet

  • 4×4 Service Truck
  • 6×4 Service Truck
  • 8X4 Service Truck

Suitable for mining and civil projects.

Drive Type: 4x4

2 - 5 passengers

Transmission: Automatic

Licence: C

Available Fleet

  • 2.5T – 4T Dual Cab Truck
  • 3T 4WD Single & Dual Cab Truck
  • 6T Single & Dual Cab truck
  • 7T Single & Dual Cab Truck
  • 9T Single & Dual Cab truck
  • 12T Tipper truck
  • Crib

Competitive Rates

We pride ourselves on delivering you competitive rates that keep your project on time and in budget.

Bespoke Design

Each truck is custom built for your project. We will work closely with you to deliver exactly what you need.

Multiple Drop-Off Locations

Trucks can be mobilised anywhere in Australia.

Custom Built Mine Spec Trucks


Kuuwa is your ultimate destination for tailored, project-specific trucks meticulously crafted for the mining industry’s demands.

Our trucks are not just off-the-shelf; they are purpose-built to your exact specifications, ensuring a seamless fit into your project framework.

Delivering functionality from day one, our trucks are site-ready upon delivery, eliminating unnecessary delays. Our collaboration with you extends beyond delivery, as we work closely to comprehend and fulfill your project’s unique needs. Whether your project is in the heart of Western Australia or extends to the vast Australian landscapes, our trucks can be mobilised to meet your requirements.

Dependability is our hallmark. Engineered for minimal downtime, our trucks maximise productivity at your site. Recognising the challenging environments that mining projects operate in, we emphasise safety in every design detail.

Our sourcing approach is rooted in trust. We partner with quality brands that we’ve cultivated relationships with over the years, ensuring that the trucks we offer are nothing short of exceptional.

Should you seek customised trucks for your mining venture, reach out to Kuuwa today.

Let’s engage in a conversation about your unique needs, helping you discover the perfect solution that aligns with your project’s requirements.

Notably, our trucks are available for long-term hire, with an option for ownership at the term’s conclusion. Your project’s success is our commitment, and we are excited to be part of your journey.

One-size does not fit all!

Safety is our top priority meaning we take great care to ensure that all our equipment is in top condition and only source equipment from reputable partners that we have worked with for years.

We know that one-size fits all doesn’t work which is why we work closely with you from concept right through to delivery on your truck design without compromising quality, safety or your budget.


We know your team will be working in harsh environments and the equipment needs to withstand the pressure. Our trucks are designed with ergonomics and usability. They are easy to use, service and maintain meaning limited downtime and increased productivity. 


As well as the usual safety  equipment added to your truck we also focus on user ergonomics. This can be anything from lighter doors to elimiating working in confined spaces.


We only work with partners we know and trust. With strong relationships with Tatra, Isuzu, Hino, Scania, Volvo, and MAN. We know we are providing you with a reliable solution fror your project.

Renting Equipment For Your Project Has Never Been Easier!


From 12 to 24 seat options available.

Light Vehicles

Custom Mine Spec Light Vehicles.


Everything you need for your civil or mining project.


Truck of Choice

The extraordinary world of the Scania G 420 B8x4HZ, the truck of choice in Western Australia’s mining operations, renowned for its highest GVM and GCM levels, ensuring unmatched efficiency in every venture.

Ultimate Convenience 

It’s sturdy, it’s comfortable and it’s got storage galore. Purpose-built for a team working in remote WA this has everything they need while off the grid.

Customised Commercial Trucks