12 Seater Bus

Suitable for mining and civil projects.

12 passengers

Transmission: 5 speed auto

Engine: 4cyl Diesel

Fuel Capacity: 70L

Licence: C

22 Seater Coaster

Suitable for mining and civil projects.

22 passengers

Transmission: Automatic

Engine: 4cyl Diesel

Fuel Capacity: 95L

Licence: C

52 Seater Coach

Suitable for mining and civil projects.

52 passengers

Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic

Engine: 6cyl Diesel ADR 80/03 Euro 5

Fuel Capacity: 400L 

Licence: MR Class & F-Extension

Competitive Rates

We pride ourselves on delivering you competitive rates that keep your project on time and in budget.

Bespoke Design

We know carrying people around site is critical to your project which is why we build to your project’s specifications.

Multiple Drop-Off Locations

Kuuwa Rentals has a conveniently located yard in Welshpool or alternatively all vehicles can be delivered to your site.

Our Mine Spec Buses and Coasters are the Safest and most Reliable way to Transport People in Remote and Harsh Environments


Our buses and coasters are built to withstand the toughest conditions. They have features like:

  • Heavy-duty suspension for a smooth ride over rough terrain
  • Powerful engines that can handle steep inclines
  • Robust construction that can withstand bumps and knocks
  • Comprehensive safety features, including seatbelts, airbags, and fire extinguishers

We also offer a wide range of customisation options to suit your specific needs. For example, we can add:

  • 4WD capabilities for off-road travel
  • Mine-specification accessories, such as dustproofing and fire suppression systems
  • Special seating arrangements for passengers with disabilities

No matter what your requirements are, we can build a mine spec bus or coaster that is perfect for you.

We are confident that our mine spec buses and coasters are the best way to transport people in remote and harsh environments. We offer a wide range of vehicles to choose from, and we can customise them to meet your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your people safe and moving.

Safety First

Safety is our top priority. We take great care to ensure that our vehicles are in top condition. We have comprehensive safety policies in place that cover all aspects of our business, from vehicle maintenance to driver training. We are committed to providing you with a safe and enjoyable rental experience.

High visibility flag

Spot light

Optional VHF radio

Safety triangle

Mine light bar with reverse beeper & beacon

Bull bar

Wheel nut indicator

High visibility flag

Fire extinguisher

UHF Radio 80 Channel

Tow bar

Reflective tape

Battery isolator

Wheel chocks

Optional 2nd spare tire

Renting Equipment For Your Project Has Never Been Easier!

Light Vehicles

We only source quality Toyota’s as part of our LV fleet.


Fully customised trucks, build to order.


Everything you need for your civil or mining project.

Kuuwa Charge Forward Program

What does the future hold?

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) will require a while new supporting ecosystem to function. There will be many challenges as mining operations, just like yours, transition and replace fleet. 

In Partnership with Worley

We undertook a 12 month study to create a sturdy feasibility to provide you with a green solution to meet your 2030 Carbon Emmison targets. 

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