Kuuwa, your trusted Indigenous partner.

Trusted Indigenous Partner

Choosing businesses to work with is hard.

That guy your family friend met at lawn bowls, you know the one he thinks is a top bloke and has a business that is a bit like yours. Good enough reason to give him a go? Probably not but you wouldn’t be the first person to be fouled by the ‘family friend’.

So what makes Kuuwa Rentals worth giving a fair go?

Firstly, who are we?

Kuuwa Rentals specialises in mine spec light, heavy and specialised vehicles for all environments including mining, civil, construction and resource projects.  We source high quality vehicles from our partners to guarantee they perform for our clients.

We know that your business is as important to you as our business is to us, so we carefully select who we work with. Our suppliers are all respected dealers and manufacturers with successful histories working in Australia.  

But lots of companies do that so what is different about Kuuwa?


Each project is unique and has diverse specific requirements, so each vehicle must be designed to your specifications. We don’t pull vehicles from our yard, you tell us what you want and we source and design the exact machine you are chasing.

We put together a Light Vehicle comparison chart to help you get the correct vehicle for the job.

Proudly Indigenous.

Kuuwa Rentals is Indigenous owned. We are proud of our Western Australian roots so we called our rental company, Kuuwa, which is the indigenous word for West.

If your business does not already have a structured approach to advance reconciliation, Kuuwa can be part of  that process. We work closely with our partners so they can implement a framework towards a structured approach through the four stages of their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).  

Being part of Supply Nation has allowed us to identify other genuine Indigenous businesses to partner with as well as allowing Kuuwa to be identified as a trusted Indigenous business too.

Reinvesting in Communities.

We are passionate about Indigenous communities and giving back in a way that will develop them and help them prosper.

One of our passion projects this year has been the Onslow School Breakfast Club. Kids flock to the Keeping Place every morning before school and are given breakfast and a packed lunch to ensure they are well fuelled for a full day at school. Since the inception of the program the local school has seen an increase in attendance.

Small steps but we are focused on encouraging young indigenous kids to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

We are focused on bridging the gap between the mining sector and indigenous communities. If we sound like the kind of business you want to do business with, then we would love to hear from you.

Contact us.

WA Mining Club Young Professionals Networking

WA Mining Club Young Professionals

Perth Winter is hitting us hard but that didn’t stop the Kuuwa team or the sold-out crowd braving the elements for last week’s Mining Club Young Professionals Networking function at the QT in Perth.

So what, you might ask, was good enough reason for us to stay out late on a blustery school night?

We are big fans of the WA Mining Club, you may have noticed since our launch earlier in the year we haven’t missed an event. We love the lunch time catch ups, hearing from the host of great speakers, crossing our fingers we might win the door prize and let’s face it, the lunch is considerably better than the salad we have sitting in the fridge back at the office.

When the last Mining Club’s Young Professionals event was announced we pondered it and decided we would chance our luck as passing for YP! We went, we loved it, we weren’t the oldest in the room and prior to popular belief that we were going to be hanging out with ‘kids’ – we certainly were not. So when the June event was announced we were first in line for tickets and come hail, rain or shine we were going to be there.

Thankfully our second attempt as YP did not let us down either.

The topic of the night – Culture, Our Most Precious Resource.

We heard from a panel of industry leaders with varying views and experience of working in mining and differing experiences of the evolution and varying levels of importance placed on culture within the workplace. 

Top of the chain was Stuart Mathews, Gold Fields Australia, who was heavily involved in the implementation of the current values found at Gold Fields and he discussed how he has seen culture change significantly over the years.

The other end of the spectrum was Matt Thompson, Evolution Mining, who has been in the field for a far shorter time and values learning from those more experienced and learning from past mistakes.

Also on the panel was Yvonne Fahey, Alcoa, who believes culture is a learned behaviour and cannot be forced on individuals. She also talked about a collaborative approach and although it must be led from the top it must be embraced and supported by all levels.

Sam Retallack chaired the panel and was able to give her insight as Head of People and Culture at IGO on how workers adapt and adopt culture.

What we took away from the evening was that investing time and effort in your company’s culture will serve you well into the future. It isn’t as simple as surveying your staff, it is a feeling you get when you walk through a work area and gage the vibe.

Invest and you will have happy staff creating a buzz around your workplace that will have a flow on affect. You will have created something just as contagious as a yawn… a smile!   

Where will the latest ‘Boom’ take us?

For most of us in the ‘Boom or Bust’ State this is a standard discussion around the kitchen table and everyone has a theory on how big this one will be, how long it will last and what it will do to or for the State.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…

So let us begin with the Good news. We have a number of fantastic projects in 2019 that should relight the Mining Fire including Eliwana, Koodaideri and South Flank.

The Fortescue Metals Group’s (FMG) Eliwana is estimated to be a $1.7 billion project, expected to operate at 30 million tonnes per annum with capacity for up to 50mtpa over a mine life of at least 24 years, creating up to 1900 jobs during construction and 500 to keep operational.

Rio Tinto trumps FMG’s efforts with the approval of a $2.6 billion iron ore mine. Koodaideri mine is set to be Rio’s most technologically advanced mine to date. The buzz word around this mine… Automation! Koodaideri is expected to create 2000 construction jobs and 600 once operational. Once complete, the mine will have an annual capacity of 43 million tonnes.

And the winner is… BHP with their $4.7 billion South Flank iron ore project, creating 2,500 jobs during construction and 600 ongoing. The mine is due to open by 2021 and run until at least 2046.

The Bad… Skill shortage. We have just mentioned 3 fairly sizable projects and over 6,000 jobs during construction between them. That is a lot of skilled workers which we know we just don’t have here in WA at the moment!

What might that mean for the city? Skilled workers migrate to the mine sites leaving us city dwellers high and dry? Influx of skilled and experienced immigrants with their family in tow? Reintroduction of skilled visas for WA? Or are we facing massive project delays until a solution is found? However it is tackled, it needs to happen soon.   

And finally, the Ugly. It is never straight forward starting a new mine. It is quite literally a mine field to keep each stakeholder happy, abide by all the rules and regulations and let’s not get started on the logistics of projects of this magnitude. FMG hit a snag early on, one which is thankfully resolved, which has seen them have to fork out up to $3 million to contribute to an approved fund to offset up to 3,690 hectares of native vegetation clearing as they revise the Eliwana rail line to avoid damaging Aboriginal heritage sites. Pretty sure each project will come up against a few twists and turns to keep them on their toes. One thing is for sure, if they hire Kuuwa vehicles it’ll be plain sailing.  

So all in all it would appear there is some steady movement in WA that should keep the chit chat around the kitchen table alive and well. And bear in mind that is only accounting for iron ore, we haven’t even touched on other commodities yet!

To find out more about Kuuwa vehicles click here.

Kuuwa Becomes Supply Nation Registered

Kuuwa Rentals becomes Supply Nation’s newest member. Kuuwa Rentals launched on March 28, 2019 and received confirmation of Supply Nation registration on March 29, 2019.

The Supply Nation register is the largest register for indigenous businesses and corporations in Australia.

Kuuwa Rentals is a proudly indigenous business that returns profits into research, programs and projects that benefit indigenous people and their communities through charities and foundations that align with Kuuwa Rentals values.

Kuuwa intents to play a crucial part in mining business’s Reconciliation Action Plans to ensure they achieve their framework targets through Reflect, Innovate, Stretch and finally to the Elevate stage. Being a Supply Nation Member gives Kuuwa the credibility and network to successfully achieve that.

This is the first step for Kuuwa becoming more involved in Supply Nation activities.

Quotes attributed to Wes Chapman, Kuuwa General Manager

“It was really important to us to become Supply Nation certified as soon as we could, we are extremely proud of our indigenous connection and what we can deliver back to the community.”

 “Being part of the Supply Nation network gives our clients confidence that they are working with indigenous businesses.”

Kuuwa Sponsors WA Mining Club

Kuuwa Rentals were proud to sponsor the March 2019 WA Mining Club lunch at the Hyatt, Perth.

We heard from WA’s very own ‘mining influencer’ Dan Lougher, Western Areas CEO, on why nickel isn’t so fickle. It’s an exciting time for nickel. EVs are driving the commodity surge. Couple this with traditional forces such as demand growth and low stocks and we see why there is an accelerated increase for the shiny star.

It was also the launch of STEM unitED which is a great new initiative set to reach up to 6000 students this year with the aim to promote the use of digital technology and develop the skills required by emerging STEM jobs.