Mineral Resources latest permit makes it the largest petroleum acreage holder in the Perth Basin with over 7,200km2 of operating permits.

Alongside the petroleum permits they were also awarded two large gas exploration permits in the Perth and Northern Carnarvon Basins in a joint venture with Buru Energy.

There has been no release yet on what these projects will mean in terms of jobs or infrastructure for the local communities, but it would be safe to assume that it is good news for Onslow.

The Ashburton Port and the Onslow Marine Supply Base in Onslow will be active infrastructure throughout this project.

Last year Mineral Resources revealed plans to export 25 million tonnes a year from Onslow.

There have been previous attempts to extract oil and gas from the Basin, but it has been sporadic, and many areas have been overlooked.

Because of this, there is significant infrastructure already in place.

So, how will a company with such a colossal petroleum footprint achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050?

Mineral Resources is currently developing a roadmap that will see them reduce their own reliance on diesel fuel by exploring natural gas. The company is looking to make significant advances in renewable energy, in particular, solar.

Why is this good news?

As we write this Mineral Resources is consulting with local landholders in Onslow (Thalanyji Land). They have boots on the ground ensuring their team does the right thing culturally, environmentally, and financially in the local area.

We look forward to extending our relationship with Mineral Resources as this project develops.