Kuuwa Truck

and Custom


Kuuwa can source a wide range of state-of-the-art heavy and specialised vehicles form our trusted and reliable suppliers including, large crane trucks, service trucks, explosive trucks, water trucks, 4WD trucks, tippers, fire response trucks and specialty trailers.

We recommend, but not limited to, Caterpillar, Liebherr and Komatsu so you can assure reliability and a high-quality product.

Our Fleet:

  • Water Cart Truck
  • Service Truck
  • 2.5T – 4T Dual Cab Truck
  • 3T 4WD Single & Dual Cab Truck
  • 6T Single & Dual Cab Truck
  • 7T Single & Dual Cab Truck
  • 9T Single & Dual Cab Truck
  • 12T Tipper Truck


We specialise in bespoke builds and one-off constructions, tailored to the most intricate and sophisticated jobs both big and small.

Our team are custom vehicle and equipment experts, with decades of expertise and an unmatched supply network. Between our experienced team and our expert partners, we can supply or custom build for every possible project.

Custom solutions include storage units for explosives, toolboxes, underground applications and kevreks/hiabs.

All specialty trucks are custom built to meet your specifications for long-term hire and can be mobilised Australia wide. All trucks are built site-ready for mining, civil, construction and resource projects.

Call us to discuss your specific job requirements. For any custom need, we can provide the right solution.