Why Choose BYG?

Working with the BYG engineering team, Kuuwa can assist in providing the most suitable GET for your application, based on the abrasion, impact & penetration requirements for your project, to get the best performing GET at the most economical price.

High Performance Design

More Useable Material

Designed with more useable material, where you need it, to get the longest lifespan from your GET, reducing down-time

Self Sharpening

Designed to sharpen as they are in use, this results in increased production, whilst also reducing fuel consumption on the machine and reduced load on the engine & hydraulic system (pumps & hoses etc).

Ideal Mechanical Properties

Through their decades of experience and R&D, BYG have arrived at the optimal chemical composition with most desirable elements, and the best manufacturing processes to maximise the lifespan of their Futura GET.


Hammerless System

Increased safety and faster & more efficient teeth removal & installation with their patented hammerless system

Compatible with major OEM’s

Futura offer a diverse range that is OEM compatible with most main GET brands.

Kuuwa GET Products

Teeth & Adaptors

Bucket Protection


Underground LHD

Cast & Plate Lips

Cutting Edges & Graders

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