About BYG / Futura

BYG commenced in 1967 in Barcelona and designs, manufactures and markets worldwide, technology and services in the field of wear parts for mining & construction machinery.


BYG products are globally renowned for their quality and high performance in the most demanding jobs, with a presence in over 90 countries.


Quality Controlled Company with International Quality (ISO 9001) & Environmental (ISO 14000) Certifications

Extended Wear Life

BYG offers durable products that will outlast competitors whilst delivering a lower cost per hour.

Massive & Diverse product range for any GET application

BYG is a leading manufacturer of wear parts, such as teeth and adapters, specialising in wear products for the mining industry.

Kuuwa GET Products

Teeth & Adaptors

Bucket Protection


Underground LHD

Cast & Plate Lips

Cutting Edges & Graders

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