Teeth & Adaptors

Ensuring you have the right teeth for your application can have a massive influence on the efficiency and overall GET costs to your operation, and keeping your all important ‘Cost Per Hour’ metric as low as possible.

Combined with assessing the density of the material to be moved/loaded, the two important factors that need to be assessed are the Wear Resistance and Resilience (Impact) required for your GET.

BYG/Futura offer a diverse range of teeth and adaptors, to suit machines up to 950T, any application and compatible with most major OEM brands.

If you’d like a detailed assessment of your operations to obtain BYG’s recommendations on the best suited GET for your applications, please get in touch

Teeth Product Range


Complete system featuring teeth and adapters suitable to be used with Esco Super V parts. A hammerless solution is available from size 590


Futura Miner teeth, intermediate adapters and pins compatible with Esco Posilok. For machines up to 800 Tons. Standard and hammerless solution


Futura X2, a compatible system with Hensley XS range. The Futura X2 is a Hammerless system. Machines up to 400 Tons


The Futura T2 system is compatible with Esco SV2 parts. The T2 Hammerless system is suitable for mining machines up to 400 Tons.


Futura direct replacement parts engineered hammerless solution contributes to reduce machines downtime. Compatible with main OEM. Machines up to 250 Tons

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