Do you have the right LV for the job?

Mine Spec Light Vehicles

You know you need a mine spec light vehicle, but do you know what make, model, accessories and specifications you need to be compliant for your mine site?

What you do know is mining sites are some of the toughest workplaces in the world and any vehicle to venture on to site needs to be tough, so you are likely looking for a Toyota. In particular a Toyota Landcruiser or Toyota Hilux. Come on, we have all watched Top Gear, the car that wouldn’t give up.  

Now, you won’t be attempting to crush your vehicle or drive it down stairs, but you will be driving it on some pretty tough terrain and due to the diversity of mine site conditions each mine has designed its own set of specifications governing the vehicles operating onsite.  

Let’s look at your standard Toyota 4WD straight out the factory. Yes, it is great for off-roading and piling everything but the kitchen sink in for camping trips and yes, it appears ok for mine sites but usually that is not the case. Your mine site is an extremely hazardous environment and your company, quite rightly so, will have several safety concerns. Add-ons to your standard Toyota will be mandatory.

We know every mine site is different and has diverse specific requirements, so we put together a comparison table to help you get a better understanding of what accessories your vehicles might need. This is just a guide and you should check with your company’s mine specifications policies for further clarity. If you would like more information on Kuuwa’s mine spec light vehicles for hire or a high res copy of the table, please email us.

Kuuwa offers bespoke vehicles, designed and built for your requirements. Due to their durability and reliability we recommend the following but are happy to look at other options.

Toyota Furtuner Wagon 4WD

Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Tray Back Dual Cab 4WD

Toyota Hilux Dual Cab 4WD Diesel

Toyota Hilux Single Cab 4WD

Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Tray Back Single Cab 4wd Diesel

Toyota LandCruiser Prado Wagon 4WD

Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series Wagon 4WD

Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Troop Carrier Wagon 4WD



We caught up with Fire Tech Managing Director, Andrea Conte, to talk robots, drones and experiments.

Fire Tech launched STEM UnitED in conjunction with RUC, WA Mining Club and Platform Communications to be able to offer free STEM sessions to low and mid socio-economic status schools around WA.

Thus far the program has only reached metro areas, so we invited Andrea to meet our friends at Thalanyji Foundation to have a chat about a potential collaboration in their home ground – Onslow.

We were blown away with some of the projects the kids get involved in and how easily they pick these skills up. If we believe claims from a recent Foundation for Young Australians report, a whacking 75% of future roles will require STEM skills. That is phenomenal, and we want to be of ensuring children in indigenous communities have the same opportunities as Metro kids to gain these skills and experiences.

Who knows, perhaps the next Elon Musk is hiding up in the Pilbara!      

WA Mining Club Young Professionals Networking

WA Mining Club Young Professionals

Perth Winter is hitting us hard but that didn’t stop the Kuuwa team or the sold-out crowd braving the elements for last week’s Mining Club Young Professionals Networking function at the QT in Perth.

So what, you might ask, was good enough reason for us to stay out late on a blustery school night?

We are big fans of the WA Mining Club, you may have noticed since our launch earlier in the year we haven’t missed an event. We love the lunch time catch ups, hearing from the host of great speakers, crossing our fingers we might win the door prize and let’s face it, the lunch is considerably better than the salad we have sitting in the fridge back at the office.

When the last Mining Club’s Young Professionals event was announced we pondered it and decided we would chance our luck as passing for YP! We went, we loved it, we weren’t the oldest in the room and prior to popular belief that we were going to be hanging out with ‘kids’ – we certainly were not. So when the June event was announced we were first in line for tickets and come hail, rain or shine we were going to be there.

Thankfully our second attempt as YP did not let us down either.

The topic of the night – Culture, Our Most Precious Resource.

We heard from a panel of industry leaders with varying views and experience of working in mining and differing experiences of the evolution and varying levels of importance placed on culture within the workplace. 

Top of the chain was Stuart Mathews, Gold Fields Australia, who was heavily involved in the implementation of the current values found at Gold Fields and he discussed how he has seen culture change significantly over the years.

The other end of the spectrum was Matt Thompson, Evolution Mining, who has been in the field for a far shorter time and values learning from those more experienced and learning from past mistakes.

Also on the panel was Yvonne Fahey, Alcoa, who believes culture is a learned behaviour and cannot be forced on individuals. She also talked about a collaborative approach and although it must be led from the top it must be embraced and supported by all levels.

Sam Retallack chaired the panel and was able to give her insight as Head of People and Culture at IGO on how workers adapt and adopt culture.

What we took away from the evening was that investing time and effort in your company’s culture will serve you well into the future. It isn’t as simple as surveying your staff, it is a feeling you get when you walk through a work area and gage the vibe.

Invest and you will have happy staff creating a buzz around your workplace that will have a flow on affect. You will have created something just as contagious as a yawn… a smile!